Notes to Coaches

Notes to Coaches


No tape of any type will be permitted on any surface.  Marking materials will be supplied to all athletes.

A reminder that Spring Valley is not on spring break the week of the meet and that teams will need to wait until after 4:00 on Friday to come on campus.  This will allow the buses to clear the parking lot and teachers to vacate the back lot where team buses park.

Boys’ pole vault will be in two flights. Flight #1 on Friday night will be for everyone who does not want to open at 13’ or better. Anyone who makes 13’ or higher on Friday may enter the vault on Saturday but he enters with no mark. Marks on Friday night will not be considered for places. The vault on Friday will open at 11’6” and go up by 6” intervals only, even with one vaulter left, and will go until all vaulters have fouled out or stopped. Flight #2 will be held at 3pm on Saturday and opening height will be 13’0.

In the 400 m, 400 IH, 4 X 100 m relay or  4 X 400 m relay, declarations will be completed before seeding.  Coaches will need to declare their athletes at the meet.  Undeclared athletes or relays will be scratched.  Sections will then be seeded one hour before the start of the race.  Declarations will be in the Hospitality Area according to the times on the meet schedule. Failure to declare will result in your athlete being dropped from the event.

Coaches packets will be at the back of the school on Friday night and until 11:15am on Saturday. After 11:15am on Saturday packets will be in the Hospitality area.

In the long jump, shot put and discus each athlete will have his/her first legal mark measured. After the first measured mark, no trial will be marked unless it reaches the following: long jump (B-20’0, G-15’0), shot put (B-40’0, G-30’0) and discus (B-120’0,G-90’0).

In the shot put, discus, long jump, and triple jump – 10 athletes will qualify to the finals. 

In the 100m, 200m, and the high hurdles – we will continue to have a two heat final.  The top eight can come from either final heat.

There will be a JV mile m run on Friday evening.  Entries are unlimited.  Any athlete that runs in the JV mile may not run any other races.  This is exclusively for athletes who are otherwise not running in the meet.  The JV runners must be entered using DirectAtthletics.  They will report to the clerk when called.  

We will be using FinishLynx timing, therefore all singlets must be tucked in so the hip number is clearly visible.  All runners must wear the hip number on their left hip.  Unofficial running times will be displayed on the stadium scoreboard.

One eighth inch (1/8") spikes are recommended.   The wearing of spikes longer than 1/4" will result in disqualification from that event.  

Starting blocks will be provided.  Individual throwing implements may be weighed in and used if they pass inspection.  Personal, MP3 players only will be allowed in the stadium.

Athletes must enter and exit the track through the clerk area.  The clerk area is located behind the 100 m start line.  Athletes are not to use the steps at the bottom of the stands to enter the track.  Athletes should use the hills at the open end of the stadium to go from one side of the stadium to the other.

Athletes in cars should park at the tennis courts and walk to the back athlete entrance. Athletes may not enter at the spectator entrance.  All athletes must enter at the back of the school.

Each school may enter only 2 athletes per event. However, please do not enter anyone in the high jump or pole vault who doesn't have a reasonable chance of clearing opening height.  

In the 400m and the 400m IH each school will be allowed only one entry. These entries must be declared on Saturday. One for one substitutions will still be allowed. Any school who has two runners who both surpass a verifiable entry guideline may request to have both athletes run. This guideline is: 400m (B-49.90, G-59.90) and 400mIH (B-59.90, G-69.90).      

Opening Heights:

High Jump  Girls: 4' 10"   Boys: 6' 0"

Pole Vault  Girls: 8' 6"     Boys: 11' 6" Friday and 13' 0" Saturday

The slower sections of the distance races may get very large.  

The 4 x 800m relay, 200 m trials, high jump and slow sections of the boys's 3200 m will be run Friday evening.

We run the 400m Intermediate Hurdles. We do not run the 4 x 200m.

No tents in the stands on the finish line side of the stadium

First quality multi-colored commemorative T-shirts will be on sale.  Northwest Designs will  provide a wide selection of meet apparel and other items for sale.   Coaches, please tell your athletes about these ahead of time.  We are relying on this to help pay the expenses of our meet.  A full array of concession items will be available all day.

We will not cancel due to inclement weather!